ChioSante Extreme Stretch

ChitoSante is a new environmentally friendly treatment developed using Chitosan. Chitosan is a natural biomass made from crab and/or shrimp shells. ChitoSante is created when Chitosan is combined with textile fibres creating a fabric that is:

  • soft
  • absorbent
  • durable
  • fast drying
  • static free
  • wrinkle proof
  • breathable
  • pill resistant
  • easy to handle with good drapability
  • bio-degradable

Along with these great benefits, ChitoSante has natural and durable anti-bacterial properties. ChitoSante strongly inhibits the growth of bacteria. It stays fresh, hygienic and odor resistant.

ChitoSante Extreme Stretch is 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex

ChitoSante is the only anti-bacterial bio-agent in the world that is certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency.


Washing Instructions

For best results, hand wash in cool to warm water and hang to dry. For styles with contrast colour combinations wash in cool water as colour releases easier in warm or hot water. We recommend you wash separate from other clothing. This will keep the garment fresh and just like new!